Rafting - James River

It’s Virginia time! Discover unique, fun, and cool activities near James River in Richmond VA. Enjoy the beautiful combination of nature and urban landscape for your family trip or weekend getaway. Not only was it a treasured Virginia’s capital city, but also a home for grouped activity based on interest. Find the Richmond attractions on our list.

Feel energized by the sparkling James River’s water. Enjoy the city’s sidewalk with the downtown skyline. Experience the rapid and flatwater without a doubt, undergo a wildlife adventure, and hang out on the isle. Stroll around historic sites, public art, and Richmond canal walk. Arranging your romantic dinner is now possible.


Find the best place to ride your bike in Richmond. The downtown has 20 miles of trails. The mountain bike trail system is the best among VA. Bicycle tracks in James River Park System Trails include Buttermilk East, Buttermilk Heights, North Bank Trail, Dogwood Dell Loop, and Belle Isle. Bikers from all levels are allowed. It opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.

Biking near James River

A great choice to polish your biking technique. The obstacle is designed for a beginner to master biker. It consists of rock gardens, logs and drop offs. This state park is accessible for riders from all ages. Biking is always a good idea when you visit Richmond for a short getaway.

Virginia Capital Trail is meant for beginners. Go around downtown on a flat track. You’ll find benches for resting, repair stations, portable restrooms, and rain shelters along the way.

Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paddle Boarding

If you wish for fun activities on the water, James River is a perfect choice. When it comes to water sports such as canoeing, boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding the flat water of the James River is suitable for the first-timer. Be ready for the only Class IV rapid running through the major city. It is available for advanced kayakers.

Canoeing in James River

Be sure to check out paddle or kayak rental near the downtown. Get a guide to kayak tours of James River.


Arrange your perfect summertime in a fun way. Beat the heat, feel the touch of James River’s water on your face and body. A short getaway after work is possible here in Richmond. Rafting and tubing with your friends or family will be more fun. It is a fascinating hangout experience you’ll never regret.

Hit the rapids, and you’ll forget that you’re in the middle of Virginia’s downtown. The scenery will take your breath away.

Rafting - James River

Canal Walk and Cruising

Looking for romantic activities or a memorable walk with your loved one? Stroll around Virginia’s best-treasured resource in a cruise. Take a tour of Richmond’s capital history, restaurants, and art at the same time. You’ll be overwhelmed with the urban view. Get closer to the neighborhood and chill.

The canal walk is located along downtown’s riverfront, stretches 1.25 miles along the James River, has an access point at nearly every block between 5th and 17th Streets.

Canal Walk - James River

The Footbridge

Walk the 1,004-foot long footbridge and overlook the Virginia rapids under the Lee Bridge. It’s located on the second-largest island in James River, Belle Isle. The best spot to hike or walk and enjoy the Hollywood river at its best.

Footbridge - James River

The island is the site of a notorious Civil War prison camp where Union soldiers died under horrific conditions. Nowadays, Belle Island becomes a popular destination for hiking, rock climbing, and the best place to enjoy summer.

Hiking Trail

The forests along James River offer some trails for hiking. It is possible to do fun walking around downtown Richmond. Walking along with your kids is now possible. Keep yourself active and engaged here near James River.

Hiking Trail - James River

Wildlife Adventure

How about experiencing wildlife in your free time? Walk around the James River Park System and find out about beautiful nature’s creatures. From the salamanders to the bald eagles or blue herons, enjoy the breathtaking scenery along your adventure.

Wildlife Adventure - James River


Fishing is going to be a good idea for the summer holiday. James River provides excellent fishing opportunities. With its rapids, flat water, and deep pools the fish variety are the best among VA. You’ll find some fish such as catfish, rockfish, striper, perch, and many more. It’s fisher heaven!

Fishing - James River

Brown Island

Feel the beat down in the north of James River. Brown Island is a spot where we can enjoy festivals and concerts. It is also the start of the T Pott Bridge and Canal Walk. Enjoy the Friday Cheers to Riverrock Festival. It’s great when it comes to festival season. Brown Island is located in the heart of the downtown surrounded by the river and Canal Walk.

Brown Island - James River

T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge

Walk down memory lane and feel the summer breeze here in T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge (T Pott). People enjoyed rafting, swimming, or kayaking here on a summer day. This is a perfect spot to watch sunrise or sunset on the river.

T Pott Tyler Potterfield Bridge - James River

The bridge begins from Brown Island. The T Pott will make you feel you are running over the river. It has a history lesson of the fall of Richmond during the Civil War. The light tubes offer a great view in the evening. Definitely one of the best activities near James River.

Explore Richmond Neighborhood

Richmond VA Neighborhood - James River

Where to start your James River adventure? It’s Richmond’s unique neighborhood you cannot leave behind. Richmond is full of history and the spot of national landmarks. Maggie L. Walker is one of the historical sites in Richmond VA. Just go to Broad and Brook Streets to learn more about the history of the leader of the African-American Community and the first female bank president in the U.S. Drive your vehicle or walk on the sidewalk to feel the Richmond neighborhood.

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