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Planning on heading somewhere far from the crowd? It is always a good idea to get away from real life and chill in a log cabin. Whether it is a weekend staycation or long-term vacation, you will be amazed at these wood-living things. Don’t worry about the stuff you need. These log cabins on our list have every facility you need on your vacation.

The experience of living surrounded by nature is priceless. Even if you have to take all the luxuries you have, you will never regret this truly rejuvenating experience in the middle of the woods. The thing you’d never want to miss is the bubbling private hot tub. One of the best nature comforts you can have right in your log cabin.

Just wondering how fascinating your vacation would be! Sitting on the porch while enjoying the green beauty, living in the warm lodge with a classic fireplace, singing and dancing along with your family will be a magnificent activity. Wait no more! Get your reservation on these following top 11 luxury log cabins with hot tubs for your excellent vacation.

Luxe Log Cabin

Enjoy the wind blowing under the Colorado sky. The log cabins will give you a classical moment with your loved ones. Every corner is perfect here in the Luxe Log Cabin. The rustic look of the lodging, combined with modern furniture will make your stay cozy, luxurious, and remarkable.

The lighting, huge living space, a stone fireplace, and the hot tub available for you are wonderful. You can enjoy all these facilities at $369 rates per night. You need to book this cabin for a minimum of a 3-night stay. It is located in Breckenridge, Colorado. Let this gorgeous cabin be on your wishlists!

Image Source: airbnb.com

Buzzard’s Cabin

What’s better than the 1940s rustic charm you can afford on Buzzard’s Cabin? Feel the joy of living surrounded by pine trees, far from the crowd, peaceful, and cozy. Of course, a hot tub outside the lodge will give you ultimate relaxation.

You will get the kitchen fully equipped. The living space always looks cool. The front yard is an excellent place to do outdoor activities. Truly an experience you’ll never regret. 

Image Source: Youtube.com/Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals

Pinewood Cabin

This classic-look lodge cabin is located at Rhododendron, Oregon. Feel a fairytale living surrounded by the big pine trees here in Pinewood Cabin. A classic lodge design combined with modern furniture looks so perfect to heal your soul. The hot tub beneath the tree will give you a warm hug.

Book for a minimum of a two-night stay. The Pinewood Cabin rates start from $265 per night. It is suitable for couple staycation or family getaway. This cabin will make you experience a wonderland living.

Image Source: Youtube.com/Pinewood Cabin

Your Own Private Resort

It’s a luxury log cabin with a resort-worthy vibe. The huge lodge is suitable for a big family gathering or reunion. And don’t ever miss the hot tub here, because it will keep you relaxed during your vacations. Surely you will find it is your own private resort. 

Book this log cabin at a two-night minimum of stay. It is located at Sundance, Utah. The lodge is worth $495 per night. Hold your family reunion at this amazing place!

Image Source: VRBO

Charming Montana Cabin

Having a family of 4? This luxury and cozy cabin is best for your family hangout. The Charming Montana Cabin is a clean and beautiful accommodation you can afford at $329 per night with a minimum of a three-night stay. The backyard looks perfect for family activities such as barbeque parties or other outdoor activities. This log cabin located in Gallatin County, Montana will give you a home vibe.

Even if it is not a huge cabin, the amenities you get will make your stay a lot cozier. Don’t miss the hot tub you can enjoy while sightseeing nature’s beauty in your surroundings. Truly a dreamy living you have to put on your wishlists!

Image Source: VRBO

Rustic Dundee Log Cabin

Are you wondering about living in a traditional log cabin without being secluded in the woods? This farmland-located lodge is a perfect answer to your dream. There are only a few trees in sight but you can still feel the fresh air. Whether than giving you a deep-woods living, this cozy log cabin has a suburban vibe. If you need an easy getaway, you can book this log cabin for $252 per night.

This perfect cabin has a hot tub in the back deck to keep you relaxed. The wide-open farmland view will give you an alternative getaway experience. It is a raw-wood lodge with modern amenities. There’s a jacuzzi inside. The outdoor space provides the best spot to drink your morning coffee.

Image Source: booking.com

Evergreen Estates Log Cabin

Feel like you are living in a winter wonderland surrounded by evergreens. This charming log cabin has a massive stone fireplace in the middle of your big living room. You will be greeted by the wood wall which gives you a classic vibe. There are views of the woods you can see from all your windows. It has easy access to the slopes in Big Bear Lake.

You can book this cozy log cabin at $850 rates with a minimum of a two-night stay. This cabin with a hot tub will feel perfect during the winter. It is also the skier’s paradise.

Image Source: VRBO

Kabino Dreamy Log Cabin

Kabino is a company that specializes in log cabin rentals. No wonder this Dreamy Log Cabin will give you comfort as if you are in a hotel. It has a private hot tub with high-end elements inside. The ambiance will make your stay comfortable. The lux rental provides a massive fireplace, porch, four bedrooms, also a big yard to run your activities.

Own your reservation on this rustic cabin at $554 rates with a minimum of a two-night stay. This cabin sits in a great location, it has easy access to West Yellowstone. It looks perfect during your wintertime.

Image Source: VRBO

The Homestead House

What’s better than living the Texas Farmland in a log cabin? The Homestead House was built in rough wood and stone exterior. It is traditional yet a modern lodge you can find in Wimberley, TX. Inside this log cabin, you’ll find the stone fireplace sitting on an enclosed porch. The hot tub awaits to be used. The game room inside this house will give you never-ending entertainment.

Book your reservation at this lodge for a minimum of a two-night stay. This log cabin offers $400 rates per night.

Image Source: VRBO

Berry Blessed Cabin

The quiet mountain getaway awaits your stay. This luxury and beautiful log cabin has a lot of safe outdoor space for grilling and other activities. Enjoy the sunset mountain view on its deck. The traditional-look exterior is great, but the modern interior will make your stay luxurious. Do not miss soaking in the hot tub while enjoying beautiful LED lighting.

This Berry Blessed Cabin is located at 164 Sunset Springs Drive, Blowing Rock, NC 28605. Some outdoor activities you can try such as biking and riding.

Image Source: exploreboone.com

The Pine Knot Cabin

Planning on having a couple’s getaway? This log cabin is suitable for an active couple. Feel the romantic vibes surrounded by nature’s beauty in this Pine Knot Cabin. It is made of half wood and half stone. Located at Ringold, Oklahoma, this cozy log cabin has a modern rustic yet stylish concept. You can afford this comfortable cabin at $219 rates with a minimum of a two-night stay.

Outdoor fun activities are waiting for you. You can ride your bike or go hiking. When you arrive home, you can enjoy the fireplace, or soak in the hot tub available in this place.

Image Source: VRBO

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